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Yushau Sodiq's A History of the Application of Islamic Law in Nigeria PDF

By Yushau Sodiq

ISBN-10: 3319505998

ISBN-13: 9783319505992

ISBN-10: 3319506005

ISBN-13: 9783319506005

This paintings analyzes the heritage of the appliance of Islamic legislation (Shari`ah) in Nigeria. It analyzes how Islamic legislation emerged in Nigeria towards the start of the nineteenth century and remained appropriate till the arriving of the British Colonial regime in Northern Nigeria in 1903. It sheds gentle on how the legislations survived colonial rule and maintains till today.

Dr. Yushau Sodiq analyzes revolutionary components in Islamic legislations during the last centuries. He is going directly to speak about many objections raised by way of the Nigerian Christians opposed to the applying of Islamic legislations, in addition to how Muslims reply to such feedback. In a global that's usually saturated with Islamophobia and ignorant misconceptions approximately Islam, this booklet goals to elucidate and reply to many very important thoughts and ideas inside Islamic non secular culture.

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43 According to him, this principle is embodied in the Islamic notion that differences of opinion among his people are a mercy from God. This means that free expression of opinion is permitted, so no one should repudiate another who holds a different view. It also implies that people should be given ample chance to express their opinions, which may or may not concur with the prevailing views of the majority or accord with the opinion of the authorities. The mercy mentioned by the Prophet means that a Muslim should have a number of options to choose from,44 and by being given such a chance will find their solution in Islamic law.

It has been translated into many languages too. The Shafi’i School of Law and Its Founder, Imam Shafi’i The Shafi’i school of law represents the middle path between the Hanafi school, which leans more on reasoning (ra’y), and the Maliki school, which gives more attention to the traditions of the Prophet. The Shafi’i school has been considered the most structured in that Imam Shafi’i worked out, in concrete terms, the principles and the sources on which Islamic law should be based. It was founded by Imam Shafi’i, Muhammad bin Idris al-­ Qurashi.

Perhaps the Muslims who surrounded the kings and acted on their will were to blame for their silence on injustice. Hiskett’s sociological approach to relations between the Muslim elites and the Hausa kings in that period is worth noting. ”68 The Muslims who attempted to conduct their lives according to Islamic principles were seen as strangers who wanted to seize power illegitimately. The polytheists, regardless of their status in the government, were too strong to be opposed by the minority Muslims.

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