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New PDF release: Age of Einstein (intro to relativity)

By Firk F.W.K.

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It is written for those with a flair for Mathematics. A1. Some useful mathematics: transformations and matrices Let a point P[x, y] in a Cartesian frame be rotated about the origin through an angle of 90°; let the new position be labeled P′[x′, y′] +y P′[x′, y′] P[x, y] -x +x -y We see that the new coordinates are related to the old coordinates as follows: x′ (new) = −y (old) and y′ (new) = +x (old) where we have written the x’s and y’s in different columns for reasons that will become clear, later.

4 MSUN), the gravitational self-attraction leads inevitably to its collapse to a “point”. Studies of the X-ray source Cygnus X-1 indicate that it is a member of a binary system, the other member being a massive “blue supergiant” There is evidence for the flow of matter from the massive optical star to the X-ray source, with an accretion disc around the center of the X-ray source. The Xrays could not be coming from the blue supergiant because it is too cold. Models of this system, coupled with on-going observations, are consistent with the conjecture that a black hole is at the center of Cygnus X-1.

In the absence of an applied force, an object will remain at rest or in its present state of constant speed in a straight line (Galileo's Law of Inertia) 2. In the presence of an applied force, an object will be accelerated in the direction of the applied force and the product of its mass by its acceleration is equal to the force. and, 3. If a body A exerts a force of magnitude |FAB| on a body B, then B exerts an equal force of magnitude |FBA| on A. The forces act in opposite directions so that: F AB = F BA .

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Age of Einstein (intro to relativity) by Firk F.W.K.

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