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New PDF release: An illusion of harmony: science and religion in Islam

By Taner Edis

ISBN-10: 1591024498

ISBN-13: 9781591024491

Present discussions within the West at the relation of technological know-how and faith concentration frequently on science's uneasy courting with the conventional Judeo-Christian view of lifestyles. yet a parallel controversy exists within the Muslim global concerning how you can combine technological know-how with Islam. As physicist Taner Edis exhibits during this attention-grabbing glimpse into modern Muslim tradition, a great deal of well known writing in Muslim societies makes an attempt to handle such complicated questions as: Is Islam a "scientific religion"? have been the discoveries of recent technological know-how foreshadowed within the Quran? Are clever layout conjectures extra beautiful to the Muslim viewpoint than Darwinian causes? Edis examines the variety of Muslim wondering technological know-how and Islam, from blatantly pseudoscientific fantasies to relatively refined efforts to "Islamize science". From the world's most powerful creationist events to weird and wonderful science-in-the-Quran apologetics, renowned Muslim techniques advertise a view of average technology as a trifling fact-collecting task that coexists in near-perfect concord with literal-minded religion. seeing that Muslims are keenly acutely aware that technological know-how and know-how were the keys to Western luck, they're desirous to harness expertise to accomplish a Muslim model of modernity. but whilst, they're reluctant to permit technological know-how to turn into self reliant of faith and are suspicious of Western secularisation. Edis examines all of those conflicting developments, revealing the problems dealing with Muslim societies attempting to adapt to the fashionable technological international. His discussions of either the parallels and the diversities among Western and Muslim makes an attempt to harmonise technology and faith make for a distinct and interesting contribution to this carrying on with debate.

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Before going further, I would like to make clear where I stand on Islam, and what exactly I mean by Islam in the first place. First, I am not a Muslim in any religious sense. I appreciate Muslim culture and civilization, and since I grew up in Turkey, this is inevitably part of who I am. But I am very skeptical that there is a God, I do not believe Muhammad had any supernatural connections, and I think of the Quran as an interesting ancient religious text. In fact, I am a bit of a physics chauvinist—I think that according to the best of our current knowledge, our world is an entirely natural, physical place that does not depend on any supernatural powers.

14 These are not isolated incidents; the Muslim world appears to be well supplied with physicists who claim that they can calculate the speed of light based on Quranic verses and with engineers who do bizarre mathematical calculations to show that the Quran is a miracle. Today, most of these are easily available on the Internet. Critics such as Hoodbhoy can only react with disgust and suggest that the Muslim world is in dire need of genuine skeptical rationalism and real scientific thinking. In such conditions, the widespread conviction of perfect harmony between Islam and science begins to look like an illusion.

Shiite: The minority branch of Islam, claiming the allegiance of about 10 percent of Muslims worldwide. Shiites are the majority in Iran and Iraq. Sufism: A term standing for a variety of mystical and ascetic currents within Islam. Although some forms of Sufism emphasize a mystical experience of divine love to the extent of downplaying the importance of the sharia, most Sufi orders are more orthodox. Sunni: The majority branch of Islam, to which about 90 percent of Muslims belong. Orthodoxy (and orthopraxy) in Islam is largely defined by common Sunni practice.

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