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Download PDF by Annual Reviews: Annual Review of Immunology Volume 9 1991

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Org by HINARI on 08/29/07. For personal use only. LYMPHOCYTE ADHESION AND LOCOMOTION 43 to endothelial cells, apparently dissociating the requirements for adhesion and for functional responses (144, 145). However, conjugate formation was not measuredin these latter studies. Therefore, failure of CD2/LFA3 interaction to mediate adhesion, while contributing to function, has not been demonstrated in a single set of experiments. In the second system, an unusual ICAM-1+, LFA-3-, EBV+ Burkitt’s lymphoma cell line was not lysed by EBV-specific CTLs despite adhesion mediated by LFA-1 interaction with ICAMs(146).

Inhibition of T lymphocyte adhesion to target cells by mAbsuggests an interaction between CD2and LFA-3, but muchmore satisfactory evidence for this interaction is provided by studies with a model system for the CD2/LFA-3interaction and experiments with immunoaffinity purified CD2and LFA-3. Sheep erythrocytes adhere avidly to human T lymphocytes and this assay has been used for years as a clinical test for T lymphocytes (Figure 1C) (16). Rosetting with sheep or humanerythrocytes blocked by mAbbinding to CD2on the T lymphocyte (17-21), and mAb Annual Reviews 30 DUSTIN A.

Annu. Rev. Immunol. 9:27-66. org by HINARI on 08/29/07. For personal use only. Selectin and Link Families in T Lymphocyte Migration Lymphocyte migration requires members of at least two additional adhesion receptor families which mediate adhesion by binding to uncharaco terized counter-receptors on endothelial cells (Table 1). Selectins are family of surfacc molecules possessing three different structural motifs. Selectins possess a single N-termlnal (extracellular) lectin motif followed by a single epidermal growth factor repeat and a varying numberof short consensus repeat homologyunits as found in complement-binding proteins (70-75).

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