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By St. Anselm, Brian Davies, G. R. Evans

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Even supposing completely confident of the reality of Christianity, Anselm of Canterbury struggled to make feel of his faith. He thought of the doctrines of religion a call for participation to query, to imagine, and to benefit; and he committed his existence to confronting and realizing the main elusive points of Christianity. His writings on issues reminiscent of loose will, the character of fact, and the life of God make Anselm one of many maximum theologians and philosophers in background, and this translation presents readers with their first chance to learn his most crucial works inside a unmarried quantity.

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One comes closest to knowledge of the supreme essence through the rational mind 67. The mind itself is the image and mirror of the supreme being 68. Rational creation was made to love the supreme essence 69. The soul that loves the supreme essence always will at some point live the truly happy life 70. Supreme essence requites its lover with itself 71. Eternal unhappiness for the soul that rejects the supreme essence 72. Every human soul is immortal 73. The human soul is either unhappy for ever, or truly happy at some time 74.

Question? 16. For the supreme nature, to be just is the same as to be justice. And the same goes for what can be said in the same way about it. ’ question But perhaps terms such as ‘just’ and ‘great’ do not pinpoint what the supreme nature is so much as tell us what kind of thing it is (its Monologion 29 ‘quality’) and how great it is (its ‘quantity’). For such terms would, after all, seem to be predicated through a quality or quantity. For it is through justice that what is just is just. And so on.

Therefore the supreme essence—the supreme good—is something not at all good. Contradiction. No lesser nature, then, exists out of the supreme nature as matter. We have therefore established that neither the supreme nature, nor the universe itself, nor anything else, is the matter out of which the universe exists. It is therefore clear that there is no matter out of which the universe exists. So, whatever exists, exists through the supreme essence. Something exists through the supreme essence only if the supreme essence makes it, or if the supreme nature is the pre-existing matter.

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